Burger Buns

yeast/flour/water/egg/butter/sugar/salt/oil/sesame seeds

Today, I made burger buns. I rolled dough into little balls, brushed their tops with eggs and milk (this is what gives them their shine), and dusted them with sesame seeds. I remember my thoughts when I randomly placed that bag of sesame seeds into my Carrefour shopping cart, “What the hell am I going to do with these? This is a really big bag.” In yo FACE, Shantai from two and a half weeks ago! Burger bunzzz!


As you can see, they’re all a bit different. No two are of the same size or shape. There’s the baby one, the fat uncle, the grandma with the snaggle tooth…. A happy family , half of which are currently being destroyed by the collective force of me and my partner’s digestive systems.


I kneaded dough for the first time.


I took this picture about five minutes in, and I then kneaded for six minutes more.

I put the kneaded dough into a large oily plastic mixing bowl, covered the bowl with plastic wrap, and let it sit near my furnace to keep the yeast warm and toasty. About an hour and 45 minutes later, when it doubled in size, it became so much fun to play with, this cool stretchy gracefully goopy mass. I felt like a kid again, and the only one home to see my excitement was Phoebe. This is Phoebe.


She was as ‘over it’ during my moments of excitement as she looks in this photograph. I love her.

Here are the balls of dough I rolled from the fun goop.


And here they are after resting under a towel for about an hour.



Things I learned today:

  • What people call warm and tepid is actually quite hot to me, which explains last week’s series of yeast disappointments. Thank you, thermometer that I accidentally purchased online when I didn’t know what an oven thermometer looked like! You’ve come in handy, meat thermometer.
  • Kneading is a lot of fun! You push and fold and turn and push and fold and turn. I love the way the dough feels underneath my hands, how it pushes back. It feels so interactive, and I’m reminded that the dough is alive (yeast). Also, it really is hard to overknead by hand because it sort of hurts to knead (hurts to need, omg I love it).
  • Burger buns are super easy to make (recipe here).


I made burger buns today. 😀 Never in my life did I think this would be a thing for me to do. I always associated burger buns with bread aisles in grocery stores and picking off the stale bits when I got home. Not anymore! Fresh burger buns are now a thing in my life. I feel so free, so less dependent upon what my local supermarkets decide to provide. It’s a cool feeling.


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