Sunday Double Bake: Cake and Scones

flour/butter/sugar/salt/baking powder/baking soda/buttermilk

Sunday sweets for my sweet!


So fucking cheesy, call me gruyere.

Speaking of cheesiness, I baked with cheese. Ricotta. I made a lemon ricotta cake. I didn’t appreciate the nudity when I took it out of the oven, so I made a glaze. Unlike the thin glaze I made for the lemon lavender cake, I used a greater proportion of confectioner’s sugar. In addition, I added poppy seeds because why not. They were in the cupboard. The poppy seeds turned the glaze a pretty mauve, which made me think of lavender, so I grabbed the box of lavender from the cupboard and dusted some buds into a thin trail down the middle. The cake then looked too dark, which made me think of lemons because lemons, being not only a main ingredient in the cake, are also bright in both color and flavor, so I shaved a bit of zest on top as well.

Here’s the result:


i didn’t know how to get it out of the pan.

Here is me eating the result:


like eating cumulus clouds

And the recipe for the naked (sans glaze) result. I didn’t have nearly enough ricotta as called for by the recipe, but the texture and flavor came out very pleasurable regardless. Salty, creamy, fluffy, sweet, and legit just melts in the mouth. I don’t want to go too pornographic here, so Ima just stop right now.  I’m going to make this cake again though, tweak it some. It’s missing a flavor. Something herbal, earthy, woodsy, grounding in a sense. Like, rosemary, sage, or thyme. We’ll see with further experimentation.

I didn’t just make a cake yesterday, as the title of this entry reminds. I also made scones (recipe here). Scones that don’t really look like scones because instead of rising, my sweet little triangles spread like the face of a middle-aged man. Look:

Proper scone:




My scones:


A young Leonardo DiCaprio (I almost typed DiCrapio hahaha Leonardo DiCrapio, I wonder if he’s ever been called that? Hahaha)


A current-day Leonardo DiCaprio:


It’s that spread though.

Still tasty (the scones), at least according to my partner. I didn’t eat any, just felt like baking. He told me the flavor and texture both reminded him of something his grandmother used to make, pancove. It was the salty sweetness and the puffy texture that brought him back, the only difference being that pancove is fried and scones are baked.

I wonder why a spread occurred instead of a rising. According to Google, my butter wasn’t cold enough. I’ll try freezing the butter next time. I’ll use less buttermilk as well.

Things I would like to learn:

  • How to take a cake out of a tin without breaking the cake. I don’t know, I’m guessing butter’s not enough? Because I greased that pan yellow. Parchment next time.img_20170319_192629-e1490017044333.jpg
  • How to bake scones that don’t look like a middle-aged L. Dicap.









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